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About Us


Zaytoon International is a non-profit organization  bringing entrepreneurial education to the people of Jordan. We are always looking for new organizations and individuals to help support our mission.

What Makes Us Different?

We Believe Learning is Caught, not Taught

We help our students learn by doing. The normal learning process usually involves a teacher standing in front of a class while lecturing. This is a bad form of learning. In Zaytoon classrooms the students do activities and learn by doing, and the teachers help them see and understand the principles that they learn from those activities.

We Believe in Volunteerism

We take volunteerism and turn it into a curriculum. We use volunteerism to teach management, leadership, and life skills to youth. The first day our students show up to class we tell them that they have one month to identify, plan, and implement a community project. The big thing is that we tell them that they will receive no money from Zaytoon or any other organization. They have to gather materials on their own.

We Believe in the Youth of Jordan

Most students upon hearing this are shocked. They can’t imagine how they could raise enough money and materials to complete a community project. Our students despite the obstacles have risen to the challenge and the results are clear. We have had over 40 kids go through our program producing 5 community projects that over one month have totaled 300+ hours of community service all while collecting over $1,400 worth of materials. They have done ALL of this with no government letters and no help from their leaders. They did it all by themselves!


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